What We Do



What We Do


1) HMO is a medical outreach organization consisting of licensed health care professionals and general volunteers. We provide health care to the disadvantaged; those who are deprived of basic care due to politics, geographical terrain and other adversities. Our volunteers come from a variety of disciplines. Some of these disciplines include:



-Chartered Accountants

-Dental assistants

-Dental hygienists


-General dentists

-General physicians






-Orthopedic surgeons



-Plastic surgeons





We participate in short-term medical missions ranging from one to two weeks in duration, and plan a minimum of two missions per year.


Due to governmental regulations, we often work in collaboration with the health care professionals of the countries we visit.


Our main focus is providing health care, which includes the relief of poverty, providing drinking water and constructing low-cost housing.


2) HMO is not aligned or affiliated with any religious groups or church organizations. However, our medical outreach efforts often become associated with religious missionary groups, since they are typically located in the areas of greatest need and can provide local knowledge to facilitate the missions.







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