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Dental and medical clinic on the boat at Port Diana 2008




little girl from Port Diana – in need of dental services



Amazon jungle dentistry on the boat


CJ the handyman at left and James the Mr. Optician


Dr. Loo , nurse and soldier


Soup kitchen at Port Diana


Soup Kitchen


Soup Kitchen










Thank you to our sponsor, Butler – Sunstar for providing the toothbrushes


Counting pills and prepare medical supply


Local children at Port Diana


Local water supply not filtered – Paraguay river


Poor dental health at Port Diana





Beginning of soup kitchen



Line up for the soup kitchen











supply ship comes weekly to Port Diana




Bahia Negra, Paraguay


local living conditions at Bahia Negra




Local church at Port Diana




Local church service





Washing clothes at Port Diana – Paraguay River


Our mission boat



Beautiful children of Port Diana


Living conditions on the boat – very dirty



Piranha – local flesh eating fish




The three hygienists on the right and the two Huang sisters




Typical meal on the boat


Medical services on the boat


health care services at Port Diana




Beautiful children of Port Diana




Sunset at Port Diana










Our protectors


Our Sponsor – Colgate



Our sponsor – Gum a Sunstar co.













Optical services




Crest sponsor






Colgate sponsor




Dental service






Local residence at Port Diana


Beautiful children of Port Diana






Dental services




Beautiful children of Port Diana


Out House



Soup Kitchen

























Local residence at Bahia Negra


Local living conditions at Port Diana






Dishing washing at Port Diana


Novopharm – our sponsor
















Apotex – our sponsor








Loblaws - our sponsor












Line up at Bahia Negra












Gum – our sponsor




Colgate- our sponsor




Beautiful children of Bahia Negra


Local residence at Port Diana


Paraguay river scenery








Wildlife in Brazil








dental services




Local residence at Port Diana


Bahia Negra


Sunday school at Bahia Negra




Water supply at Port Diana




Local water transportation




Shoe give away day




Shoe give away day








Local living condition Port Diana




wild life Brazil





poor dental health









Lymphoma surgery




Map of the area Brazil and Paraguay




Two local sponsored children




Cuiaba dental services






wild life in Brazil


crocodile night fishing


Port Diana







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