Article about HMO with Mayor of San Salvador on the Municipal Website.

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The Mayor of San Salvador, Norman Quijano Doctor, this morning visited the Center for Coexistence Andalucía-Doctor Carlos Herrera Rebollo, care to verify that a Canadian medical mission, in coordination with the district capital afforded to neighboring districts 1 and 6 .



The Canadian medical mission consists of 35 health professionals from dentists, general practitioners, nurses and therapists will provide consultations in the period from 22 to 26 October from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

At least 800 people were treated that day, including 500 and 300 dental practices general medicine is expected at the end of the week to 4,000 have attended Bogota from different districts of the capital, on a schedule already set.

“Our goal has always been to seek ways to bring different services and quality that are citizens, in this case medical care,” said Dr. Quijano.

The activity will be supported by the Municipal Social Responsibility Program has made available two buses to move people from their medical communities.

It also has the support of thirty performers, Evangelical University students to facilitate communication between doctors and patients.

The Foundation’s mission Resolution Health Mission is made possible by the efforts of the Department of External Cooperation of the capital municipality and the Department of Health Promotion.