Cost: Approximately $1,200 per person all inclusive – air, food and lodging.

Hello HMO volunteers,

I have great news to share with you. We have recently organized one of our most amazing mission opportunities yet. HMO has been invited by the Mayor of San Salvador in El Salvador to conduct a week long dental/medical clinic. As special guests of Mayor Norman Quijano (who is actually a candidate for the country’s Presidential elections in 2013 and already has 80% of the popular vote), our volunteers will be warmly welcomed by the city and the country. I am personally excited about this opportunity because it will help to open the doors to other Central American and South American countries in 2013.

Here is a snaphot of the details of our trip to El Salvador:
When: about October 18 to 27, 2012
Where: San Salvador
How Long: 8 to 10 days
Type of Care: Dental, Medical, particularly family and women’s health
Accommodations: Local hotel with excellent facilities
Cost: Approximately $1200.00 all inclusive.

Other points of interest:

Mix of Volunteerism and Tourism: our local hosts would like to share their beautiful country with us. For this mission, the first two days would be spent exploring the beautiful beaches near San Salvador, followed by a week long clinic, with the last day being reserved for touring the country’s famous volcanos.

Local Medical Expertise: San Salvador’s Medical Office and Officer have been appointed as our liaisons.

Security: appropriate security will be provided for our group.

We will all meet Mayor Quijano, who actually practiced (and is still licensed to practice) dentistry before moving into politics. He is very much looking forward to getting to know HMO and its volunteers because of his own passion for dentistry, medicine, and health care.

I would like to give the Mayor an idea of who is interested, so we can begin planning as early as possible. Would you kindly let me know if you would like to join us on this truly exceptional mission?
We hope you can join us.

Thank you and muchas gracias!
Dr. Lun Hangfu
Health Mission Outreach

Please be informed that all HMO mission trips must be approved by the host country or it will be cancelled.