The July 2009 Mission trip will take place between July 2 and July 17.

The confirmed list of participants are listed below. Participants marked with * are on the mission for 2 weeks and the participants not marked are on the mission for 1 week. We wish to thank all of the participants and wish all of them a safe journey.

1) Mr. Philip Sung – President of Philip Sung and Design, Director of HMO
2) Ms. Ann Sung
*3) Mr. Adam Brancalion – Family Consultant
*4) Mr. Rick Brancalion – Office worker in Hilroy
6) Dr. Connie Tse – Dentist
7) Ms. Ida Kabiliravi – Dental assistant and manager
8) Dr. Tom Nguyen – Dentist
*9) Dr. Lun HangFu – Dentist
*10) Dr. H. W. Williams – M.D., D.D.S.,Oral Surgeon from Calgary, Alberta,
*11) Mr. Cameron Williams -Student,
12) Mr. Brendan Cheung – Acupuncturist
13) Dr. Vivien Boyd – Dentist, Cambridge, Ontario
14) Ms. Marian Davidson – Dental assistant,
15) Pastor Carlos – Baptist minister from Corumba, Brazil
16) Mr. Denis Pereira – Student, Translator from Brazil,
*17) Dr. Jorgejd Loo – M.D., Brazil
18) Mr. Cun Zhang – Student