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Kampala, Uganda



Recent participation with hippoafrica.com in August 2008




Africa is a continent struggling with an increasing health care crisis, the spread of HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, famine and war. The health care systems presently there are unable to meet the needs of the people for a variety of reasons.


HMO’s volunteers visited Banda, Kireka, and Kamuli (located on the eastern outskirts of Kampala, Uganda) from August 4th-15th, 2008, on a dental mission with a local charity, Hippo Africa.


We were invited to provide basic dental services to the two local primary schools and were informed that the majority of the people there were HIV and/or AIDS positive, and possibly had syphilis.


We expected similar experiences as our previous mission trip and noticed how the local population lived in such a materially poor community.


However, what stood out the most for us was meeting people of such different cultures, sharing the effort of making a small change in their lives and forever changing ours.


This mission was in cooperation with the Molcjans family of Canada that operates a charity called Hippo Africa in Uganda. Please visit their web site at hippoafrica.com.


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